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Åben Festival

True to tradition, Åben Festival completes the summer with a celebration of local commitment and
community. For the fourth year in a row, more than 50 local actors from Østerbro and Nordhavn come
together and invite the city to cultural events created by and for local enthusiasts. The events are
created by local artists, established cultural institutions, associations and newly started initiatives,
which have come together to create visibility about the unique cultural life of the two districts.

Åben Festival is a district and cultural festival that is based on collaborations between local cultural
forces in Østerbro and Nordhavn. The festival unites local cultural creators in a tribute to diversity,
collaborations and cultural experiences.

Åben Festival is run by Kulturdistriktet, an association of artists, associations, institutions, and
companies in Østerbro and Nordhavn, who work together to make culture the focal point for the
development of communities in the city.