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Café Midtown Bar

Midtown Café Bar is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The place is both a café, a cocktail and hookah bar, and if you are into sports, you can watch football on a big screen.

At Midtown Café Bar there's a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with room for about 80 people. Midtown serves everything from sandwiches to salads and you can enjoy your food and drink indoor as well as outdoor.

Café, cocktail and hookah bar

During the day the place is a café, but when darkness falls, Midtown is turned into a cocktail bar, where experienced bartenders will serve you your favorite drink.

Midtown also offers hookah with various flavours, like apple, watermelon, blue mist and more. 

Sports bar

If you are into sports, you have come to the right place. Midtown is equipped with three large screens for sports, where you can watch the biggest matches.