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Classic Car House

Visit Classic Car House and explore the exciting exhibition of 300 classic cars - only 20 min. from Copenhagen. Explore the many beautiful classic cars and dive into the exciting stories. Design your own car with colors, lights and sound. Experience Le Mans through 100 years. See a floating 2CV and much more. Experience the compelling tales and stories on a guided tour and take the kids on a Car Hunt - a treasure hunt for kids.

The car museum features several interactive installations for both children and adults. The exhibition spaces are entertaining, informative, interactive, and most importantly, show and tell the stories that bring each car to life. Each car has a unique and compelling narrative with a blend of nostalgia, history and passion. The exhibition is a celebration of the beauty, craftsmanship and innovation that defines the classic cars of the 20th century. Masterpieces that are admired then and now across generations. Welcome to Classic Car House.


For kids

Every day you can join the Car Hunt - a treasure hunt for kids and explore the museum and learn more about classic cars. The children's workshop is open every day, where we have a creative and inspiring classic car universe for children. Build your own car with LEGO, visit the drawing workshop and watch movies in our children's cinema.


Guided Tours

Meet our skilled tour guides who will guide you through our exhibition. Listen to the compelling tales and stories, experience selected iconic cars and take home secret anecdotes and fun facts.


A tasteful break

Visit therestaurant serving bistro & diner classics for both lunch and dinner. In addition to a tasteful and carefully selected menu, Willy's Bistro & Diner also has a large newly built terrace for outdoor dining with a view of the park.



During the summer season, we host classic car meet-ups in our park every Thursday from 5-8pm. This is a drop-by event with no registration necessary. It is possible to purchase light food and drinks from our foodtrucks, when attending our classic car meet-ups. Find dates and information on the website.