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Connie-Connie is Copenhagen Contemporary's café, which you can easily visit without paying admission to the museum. You can enjoy a coffee, a natural wine, a tin of sardines and much more in the unique surroundings.

Copenhagen Contemporary tasked TABLEAU and Australian designer Ari Prasetya with conceptualizing and designing the new café Connie-Connie. This venture aimed to explore how furniture itself can be considered art. Approximately 25 diverse artists, architects, and designers were commissioned to craft personalized stools, chairs, and benches for the café's 150-square-meter area.

The project assembled various furniture pieces using off-cut wood from Dinesen, a Danish wood flooring company. Dinesen's objective was to prolong the wood's lifespan by innovatively repurposing off-cut pieces.

Nestled in Refshaleøen, Copenhagen's gastronomic hub, Connie-Connie operates within a converted welding facility as part of Copenhagen Contemporary. Its unique seating arrangements earned it the Wallpaper Annual Design Awards Prize for "Best Café Seating." Going beyond a typical café experience, newly created pieces exclusively designed for the café are now available for purchase through TABLEAU, either as originals or reproductions.

The project featured a blend of emerging talents and established figures from around the globe, selected to infuse Connie-Connie's design space with international diversity, fostering captivating results in the realms of art and design.

Connie-Connie serves coffee, tea and other refreshing drinks, as well as different foods.