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Fatty's Burger

Fatty's is a hidden little burger joint located in a backyard in the residential and central neighborhood, Islands Brygge. Here you can buy juicy takeaway burgers and crispy fries from a hole in a brick wall.

With its of-the-beaten-track location, Fatty's Burger is truly one of the city's hidden gems. The small burger joint consists of just a few square meters which are used for a small kitchen space. From the outside, it's hard to spot Fatty's and if you're not familiar with the neighborhood or the burger joint, it's also hard to imagine that this is where some of the best burgers in town are made. Nonetheless, you'll be nothing but happy and satisfied when you bite into one of the juicy double cheeseburgers. The prices for a burger at Fatty's start at 80 kroner, while a menu will set you back 125 kroner. However, if you drop by between 11:30 and 14:30, you’re in time for the lunch special where a burger menu costs just 85 kroner.