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KINRADEN was established by Danish architect, Sarah Müllertz. As a brand pivoting on sustainability, gentle production, and a circular business model, KINRADEN embraces every imperative facet of modern-day fine jewellery production. 

Tiny sculptures 

Developing KINRADEN’s stand-out aesthetics, Sarah explores an inner creative duality. She approaches fine jewellery design the same way she approaches architecture: Balancing the rigorous accuracy of a true perfectionist and the artist’s creative eye for shapes, textures, and detail. Both worlds intertwine in an expression of minimalist extravagance. Every piece of jewellery is a tiny sculpture, appealing to the senses with organic shapes, clear lines, and impeccably interlocked links. Surfaces are highly polished for a glossy reflection or silky matte for delicate softness. Precious metals are occasionally mixed for versatility, and styles may be combined across collections to offer the widest possible palette of personal expressions.