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The Korean-inspired two-star Michelin restaurant Koan has opened its doors by the Copenhagen waterfront at Langeliniekaj. Created by former noma chef Kristian Baumann, also the owner of the Korean eatery Juju at Østerbro. 

The restaurant has to stars in the Michelin guide and reflects traditional Korean cooking techniques and flavours and combines them with ingredients of the Nordic season. For the expression of the tasting menu, Kristian Bauman has explored his South Korean roots and the different cuisines to be found there. It is food which has inspired Kristian on his journey, like the afternoon snack Kkwabaegi – A Korean type of bread. 

For the wine, Kristian Bauman has collaborated with sommelier Lasse Peder Nielsen, who has put together two different wine menus, one non-alcoholic pairing and a pairing built around Korean Sool, which is a common term for Korean alcohol. To make the restaurant visit a holistic journey, the menu is served in art pieces created by a Korean potter, who have collected pottery fragments from China’s Qing Dynasty and mixed it with new porcelain.