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Next Door Cafe

A place to feel home away from home

Skyler and Klaus are the friendly owners of Next Door Café. Literally living next door, the café is almost an extension of their living room, which shows in the cafés cozy interior. Before opening his own place, Skyler previously worked as a manager at the coffee chain Riccos and in a café in Freetown Christiania.

The guys didn’t even want a café to begin with (and didn’t have the money for it either), but when the place became available, it seemed like an opportunity too good to pass. Fortunately, lots of friends from Christiania were more than happy to lend a helping hand, and in just three weeks, they turned it into a cozy café – as Skyler says, “a café built on love”.

Located at Larsbjørnstræde, Next Door Café is part of Pisserenden – an iconic area of Copenhagen’s center that used to be rather dodgy, full of brothels and bodegas. The obscure places are long gone though, and today, Pisserenden’s streets are bustling with life – well visited by both locals and tourists.

Inside the café, there’s a very homey atmosphere. Clearly a local spot frequented by a lot of regulars, Next Door Café welcome everyone in need of good coffee in relaxed surroundings. Under the glass plates on the tables, you’ll find greetings, notes, drawings and pictures tucked in there by gratified guests. And to top it all off, Skyler bakes everything himself after his own recipes (except the lemon squares – that’s mom’s recipe).