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OTTO Pizza

At Otto Pizza on Godthåbsvej in Frederiksberg, you can enjoy crispy Neapolitan pizzas at great prices. You decide whether you want to eat in or take the pizza home.

The team behind Otto is certainly no stranger to the Copenhagen food scene. With Pluto, Gorilla, Barabba, Maison, and Jagger, Otto is far from being former Michelin-star chef, Rasmus Oubæk and Christian Brandt's first success in the restaurant industry. After experimenting with pizza making at home for a while, Oubæk finally couldn't resist and in early 2021 he decided to open Otto Pizza in collaboration with Christian Brandt. Since then, things have gone fast and Otto now has three pizza bars around Copenhagen, one in Frederiksberg, one in Amager, and one in Vesterbro. And it's not hard to understand why, as the Neapolitan pizzas are extremely tasty without breaking the bank. The pizzas are made from cold-risen dough, topped with delicious charcuterie and vegetables, and baked for just 90 seconds at 500 degrees.