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Paesàno is the newest entry in Copenhagen's Italian food movement driven by young, creative chefs who experiment with of the most beloved food traditions in one of the most innovative and open-minded food cities.

In the premises that formerly housed the Michelin-starred Relæ, Italian Paesàno now offers a unique dining experience inspired by southern European flavour combinations. Naples, Italy-based chef Davide Laudato is not a new face on the Copenhagen gastronomic scene, and his CV includes Relæ, Spisehuset, Bæst, Topicàl and Mirabelle. Now, he has embarked on a 'new' Italian adventure, with a menu inspired by the simplicity of regional dishes from his hometown. Davide creates innovative interpretations of dishes with great respect for the tradition behind them without compromising on flavour structure.

The dishes will be simple and very budget-friendly without compromising on the high quality that Laudato is known for. The atmosphere will be extremely relaxed when you visit, so don't be surprised if you have to help out with cutlery or pick up your own plate when the food is ready. It doesn't get more authentic than this, and even though Copenhagen is buzzing outside your door, you'll feel like you're sitting in Naples on a lovely evening.