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Parsley Salon

In the heart of Hellerup, you’ll find Allan Schultz’s fine dining restaurant, Parsley Salon. The setting is created to cherish the guests and their exemplary virtues, always focusing on memorable flavour combinations and quality that last decade after decade.

From the moment you walk in, attention to detail is paramount. From the hand-painted English “parsley wallpaper” to the meticulously composed menu. The menu is set, refined and appetising and can be accompanied by a carefully selected wine menu. 

In the 1990s and 2000s, Allan Schultz was a significant driving force behind the development of some of the largest gastronomic institutions in Copenhagen. He was behind the 1990s’ in-place KONRAD and the well-known Cafe Victor, which is still going strong. 

After almost a decade away from the industry, Schultz opened the fine dining restaurant Parsley Salon in Hellerup in 2022.

Evening of Legends
As a unique feature, the ‘Evening of Legends’ project is part of the restaurant’s concept. Here, Schultz invites other big names from the Danish food scene, and together, the chefs create an unforgettable evening. 

In addition to exquisite food, the evening also includes storytelling about the creation of modern Danish gastronomy. The event is held on selected Saturdays. Find more information on the restaurant’s website.