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Raadvad Kro

In the listed town of Rådvad, surrounded by beautiful nature, lies Raadvad Kro. With a love of the changing seasons, the inn creates a nuanced menu to awaken the senses of its guests.

The old buildings that housed the director of Raadvad Knivfabrik until 1930 now house the historic Raadvad Kro. The inn’s cosy “living rooms” create the setting for your visit and invite you in for a tasty dining experience. 

The inn is run by hosts Peter Steen and Rikke Kold Black, who also run Den Gule Cottage in Klampenborg. With solid experience from some of Denmark’s best restaurants, they have created a complete experience focusing on nuanced flavours. 

“We find inspiration in the nature around us and the changing seasons,” they say.

Today, Rådvad town is almost unchanged from the early 1800s. Step into a historical time warp in the middle of the forest and enjoy exciting flavours in the inn’s restaurant. 

Combine your visit with a walk in Dyrehaven or Jægersborg Hegn and take advantage of the inn’s beautiful location at the centre of Jægersborg Forest District.