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Explore at your own pace with StoryHunt's self-guided audio walks in Copenhagen and beyond. Through their app you can listen to stories about local history, life in Denmark, modern culture and much more. All their stories are available as both text and audio and many offer engaging quizzes.

StoryHunt is a Copenhagen-based company that creates captivating and engaging experiences for travelers who want to get off the beaten path. Through their app you can unlock stories and learn about your surroundings – all at your own pace. To get started, visit their website and find a tour that matches your interests.

They have tours all over Copenhagen, ranging from WW2 history to ghost stories and slave trade in the 1600s. The tours are created by local tour guides and storytellers with a passion for Copenhagen. Most tours take about 1-3 hours.

Once you’ve selected a tour, the StoryHunt app will guide you through the city, one story at a time. When you get close to a story, you can unlock it to learn about your surroundings through audio, text, images and video. Many stories also contain small quizzes so you can compete with your friends on your newfound knowledge.

So, are you ready to unlock the secrets of Copenhagen? Let the hunt begin!