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tété is a family-run concept store in Frederiksberg that sells slow fashion and homeware. Specialist brands from around the world are carefully selected and curated to offer a unique lifestyle experience. 

tété is the perfect combination of Danish values, celebrating the finest in design, style, hygge and family. This one-of-a-kind concept store opened in 2022  and has since gained a popular following for its distinctive and unique clothing and homeware range. 

Conceived by mother-daughter partnership of Anette and Tessa (the name of the store being an amalgam of the two), tété is a realisation of a lifelong shared passion, running a shop together. Their aim is to present unique brands which are in line with their aesthetics, and have curated the store with hand-picked clothing, accessories and homeware that are high-quality and timeless - items that are to be cherished forever. 

This ethos is supported by the ethically sourced, unique and diverse specialist brands available in store, from all around the world. Inside you can find clothing from as diverse countries as Germany, the Faroe Islands, Italy, India and Japan. Here, long standing cultural traditions are given a modern twist. Discover super soft towels and socks from the Far East, crafted from the finest fabrics available. Experience a wide array of handloom clothing spun according to centuries-old methods. From silks and cottons to linen and wool, there’s something inside to suit all seasons. 

tété also sells Danish brands that specialise in jewelry, ceramics, glassware, footwear, designer sunglasses and ethically-produced beauty products. One of the more recent auditions to a thriving high-end retail area, this is definitely worth a moment of your time.