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Trinitatis Church

The Trinity Church was inaugurated in 1656 and consecrated as a church for the professors and students of the University. Today it serves as an ordinary parish church.

The name stems from the Holy Trinity, but it also points to the fact that, in conjunction with the Round Tower, this construction served as a church, observatory and university library.

The church interior was heavily damaged during the great fire of 1728, and the present construction goes back to the rebuilding in 1731.

Confirmation of Søren Kierkegaard

In 1829, Søren Kierkegaard was confirmed in Trinitatis Church because the Church of Our Lady was burned down. The minister, who confirmed Kierkegaard, was years later one of his biggest critics.

There are church services every Sunday at 10:30 and there are further activities such as students mass and night church.