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von Bartha

In 2021, the Swiss gallery von Bartha opened in the iconic Chalk Tower in Carlsberg City and is already a solid participant in the Copenhagen museum landscape with its engaging exhibitions.

With its Scandinavian roots, the people behind von Bartha in Basel felt it was time to expand to Copenhagen, where design, art and fashion are increasingly on the agenda. So it's no surprise that von Bartha is in Kridttårnet, which has gone from being part of the old Carlsberg brewery to housing a museum.

von Bartha is 75 square metres in size and is no stranger to "quirky" spaces - in Basel, they have a petrol station right in front of their museum! In Copenhagen, they also have a courtyard with various sculptures on display that can be enjoyed regardless of the season.

In the building, there is a large room, the exhibition space, and a smaller room used as a showroom. The chalk tower has also been incorporated into various exhibitions, most recently the glasses in the tower have been coloured in connection with an exhibition.

At von Bartha you get both the old and the modern combined in one: The historical buildings mixed with contemporary art. And when you're done at the museum, you have the entire Carlsberg City to explore!