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Zoku Copenhagen

Combine pleasure and business with a short or long-term stay at Zoku Hotel.

Inspired by Danish design, Zoku has managed to create a hotel in Copenhagen where you can feel both at home and at work - without the two getting mixed up. The "Loft" rooms are built with both work and living space, so you can make the most of your room. There's also a kitchen with hobs and other electronics, so you can move in for several months and quickly feel at home, no matter where you're from.

There are many great opportunities to work at the hotel, as there are several spaces where you can sit alone or in groups. You can also sit with others who work solo and choose to spar with them. In short, there are all the best conditions for getting work done at Zoku.

There are also countless events that Zoku organises with various partners. This gives you the opportunity to network with companies and other people. Here you can exchange real-life experiences, stories, products and concepts. It's at events like these that you can expand your network, your horizons and your group of friends!

Zoku also has a rooftop bar, Kindred Spirits Bar, where you can enjoy a delicious drink or coffee with a view of Copenhagen. You can also find great food at the Living Kitchen restaurant, which has a special focus on social dining, and even if you're travelling alone, you can easily find someone to dine with.