Bike rules in Copenhagen

Foto: Martin Heiberg

There are few - but important - rules when heading out on a bike in Copenhagen. Here you'll find the most important guidelines so you're ready to jump in the saddle.

Test yourself and master the Danish bike lanes

As you get ready to conquer Copenhagen on two wheels, you might want a brush up on rules and safety on the bike lines. Take our quiz and master the art of riding a bike in the city and get the chance to win a Copenhagen Card.



Useful tips for cyclists

Copenhagen is a city full of keen cyclists, and it’s important to be aware of your fellow road users. This guide contains a couple of tips for cycling safely and comfortably around the city.

Bike safety mobile
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Leave your phone in your pocket

Bike safety lights
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Remember lights when it's dark

Bike safety keep right
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Unless passing, always keep right

Bike safety signs
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Basic signs

Turn right: Right hand out

To stop: Raise your left hand

Turn left: Left hand out

Bike safety turn
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When turning left, use two crossings