Beyond Copenhagen East

Beyond Copenhagen by bike

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

There are many fantastic experiences outside of Copenhagen. Together with Danish Cycling Tourism  we have designed some great bike routes that take you to both beautiful nature and great experiences. Happy cycling!

Wild animals and wild rides

In 1669, King Frederik III fenced off a piece of forest and laid out paths for so-called parforce hunting. Today, Jægersborg Deer Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you will probably see herds of the 2,000 wild animals living in the area, e.g. hinds and sika deer. In the middle lies The Hermitage from the 1730s, still used by the royal family. Maybe you can join a tour.  While you are there, you should also visit Dyrehavsbakken with lots of fun rides. The amusement park is from 1583, and the world’s oldest, and the admission is free. 

Route facts: 14,8 km / 1,5h / 77% gravel

S-train: Klampenborg

The green belt

The trip starts and ends at an S-train station, and in between, you are surprisingly far from the capital. You can tell from the place names, which e.g. include a stream, some lakes and a deer park. You bike along peaceful paths through UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, and some of Denmark's oldest forests.  Several of the beautiful natural areas are protected. In Lyngby Åmose, you’ll be accompanied by birdsong, and you can come across everything from snakes to deer. If you bike from west to east, you can cool down with a swim in Øresund.

Route facts: 25,4 km / 2h / 56% gravel

S-train: Klampenborg / Måløv

On the edge

If the wind is not against it, we recommend you bike south along the edge of Copenhagen. There is much to experience on the trip: You can go on a treasure hunt for the wooden sculptures "The Forgotten Giants". Enjoy nature and all the birds in Tranegilde Mose and St. Vejleådal. Visit Kroppedal, the ;useum of Astronomy, archeology and Modern times, and the historic workshop Vikingelandsbyen. Drink coffee in a cozy cafe. And, when you get to the coast, swim from Ishøj Strand and visit ARKEN with world-class international contemporary art.

Route facts: 23,5 km / 2h / 24% gravel

S-train: Måløv / Ishøj

Art and giants

At the end of the 19th century, cannons were set up along the almost 15 km long rampart west of Copenhagen. Today, the green area is protected and perfect for a bike ride. You can search for three of the "Forgotten Giants" that the artist Thomas Dambo is known for and visit The Ejby Bunker, an exciting historical museum. One-third of the route you bike through beach parks, so don't forget your swimwear. In Ishøj, you find ARKEN, a museum of modern art with over 400 works of art. Time for a short detour? Then visit the Circus Museum.

Route facts: 22,0 km / 2h / 15% gravel

S-train: Husum / Ishøj

Salt meadows and the old town of Dragør

Almost the entire route is in Nature Park Amager, and the long stretch south from the district of Ørestad runs alongside the natural area Kalvebod Fælled. Here, there are forests and salt meadows, sheep and grazing horses. Stop at Kongelund Fortress and enjoy the magnificent view of Køge Bay and the game reserve with lots of birds. The fishing town of Dragør is a big contrast to modern Ørestad: The listed houses in the old town were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Take a stroll around the atmospheric harbour before you cycle north.

Route facts: 23,2 km / 2h / 27% gravel

Metro: Vestamager / Kastrup

Architecture and nature

Can you find a 20 km2 nature area in a city of millions? Yes, in Copenhagen! Just bring your bike on the subway or rent it at Naturcenter Amager. Kalvebod Fælled is a nature reserve, close to the modern district of Ørestad, whose spectacular architecture has been honoured with awards such as "the world's best residential building". The common with the large salt meadows is protected, and birds and animals thrive in the area. You'll see, when you bike along the long, asphalted paths – look for ospreys and sea eagles, cows and fallow deer.

Route facts: 16,5 km / 1,5h / 36% gravel

Metro/Train: Ørestad

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